Youth had to play an important role in building better society:: Imran Shah

Youth had to play an important role in building better society:: Imran Shah


‘ appeals to desist from drug addiction and gun culture’ 


Anantnag, July 31:::Stressing upon the youth to not to fall prey of drug addiction and become a torch bearer of peace and development of J&K senior socio political leader Imran Amin shah has said that the rising drug mance is leading our younger generation towards devastation and if not curtailed at the earliest may put whole society into complete destruction and chaos. He also appealed youth to shun path of violence and become part of mainstream to contribute in building prosperous j&K and added that the state had suffered a lot due to militancy and had caused increased misery and destruction. He said that violance is no solution to any problem but better education and truthfullness can lead our JK to flourish more.

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Imran shah was addressing a mamoth gathering of youth here in Anzullah Anantnag today.


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He said that youth being an important asset of society have play an important role for better development and prosperity and we as whole have immense responsibility to contribute in bringing and guiding them towards right path.


He also stressed upon youth to not to fall pray of tactical hereditary politics and become the part of change of comprehensive development and corruption free state, and added that the some political parties are again on roads to hoodwink people with false promises while as during their tenure nepotism, corruption and falsehood has remained at forefront.

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Shah said that those talking about public welfare should not only introspect but need to make open apology to public of jammu & Kashmir for what they did with the public with their supressive and betrayal politics during their regimes.



Shah appealed the youth to understand the gimmick of these traditional politician who are habitual of making huge false promises but at maximum put youth of JK in isolation and distress and their moto is to make personal comforts only.


He said that the youth of JK is now mature enough and will never fall prey of these traditional political tactics and they have decided to be part of new change for development and prosperity of the state by standing United to fight against hollow slogans and promises.

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On this occasion many other leaders including Fayaz Ahmad Tarray, M Shafi, Wasim Rather and M Amin were present.

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