Wasif Rashid files patent of Multipurpose Agriculture Apparatus

Wasif Rashid files patent of Multipurpose Agriculture Apparatus




Wasif Rashid, S/O Abdul Rashid Bhat hails from Dooru village of the Apple Town, Sopore. He’s currently pursuing his Bachelors in Forensic Sciences from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri.



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“Right from my childhood, new age technologies fascinated and attracted my attention. I’ve been exploring the world of technologies with an aim to solve the problems of the common people”, said Wasif. He has been working on his project Multipurpose Agriculture Apparatus from a quite long time and has recently filed a patent of the same. The patent number is IN202211049323.



Talking about the specifications of the project, he said that the Multipurpose Agriculture Apparatus is an ‘eight in one’ tool and he has innovated in such a way that the farmers can use one single tool in eight different ways by simply adjusting some knobs and bolts. The eight different uses are axe, spade, hoe, crowbar, mallet, help stick, hammer and nail plier. All the appliances have to be carried by the farmers separately, but now Wasif’s innovation will solve this issue. “It increases the capacity and the productivity of the farm yield. It will reduce cost and make the work easier for the farmers. I’ve used very strong, but lightweight materials, so that it is easy to carry the apparatus”, said Wasif.

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As soon as the manufacturing process will commence, it would also generate employment for the people. Good sales may also help in the day to day business activities.






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