Ration card holder must check this update, many things will be easy

Ration card holder must check this update, many things will be easy





Ration Card Benefits: Ration card is very useful for people. With the help of Ration Card, ration can be obtained for free or at low cost. Apart from this, the ration card is also useful as an identity certificate.

Ration Card Name List: Ration cards are issued by the government for the welfare of the poor. Through the ration card, the government provides food grains to the people at a low price or for free. On the other hand, poor people get a lot of benefit from getting food grains at a low price. However, many times people have to face a lot of difficulties in getting small information related to ration. Many times people also face problems to see their name in the ration card list, but this process is also quite easy.

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You Can Check Online like this





Ration card is issued by every state government. In such a situation, if you are a resident of Rajasthan, then you can also check your name in the Ration Card List online. With the help of this facility, it can be checked that which stakeholder can take ration from the ration shop at a lower price, whose card is BPL and whose card is APL.




Apply Many things will be easy




The information related to the ration card has also been provided online by the Rajasthan Food Department. In such a situation, by following some steps, your name can be checked in the ration card of Rajasthan. By checking your name in this list, many things can be easy by getting information about ration card shop etc.

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You can Check Name in Ration Card like this




  • First of all go to food.raj.nic.in.



  • After this select the Ration Card option.


  • Select the district wise ration card details in the Ration Card option.



  • Select your district.




  • After selecting the district, select the area in which you live in rural and urban ration cards.




  • After that select your block.




  • Then select the name of your Panchayat.



  • After this choose the name of your village.



  • Then select the name of the ration shop.




  • After this, you will be able to see the name included in the ration card in front of you.
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