Ration Card Big Update: Good news for ration card holders, 15 crore people will take advantage of it 

Ration Card Big Update: Good news for ration card holders, 15 crore people will take advantage of it





Ration Card New Rules: Under the Public Distribution System, preparations are being made to implement the new rule of ration distribution in UP. This will benefit 15 crore families of ration card holders of the state.

Ration Card UP big News: The government keeps taking steps from time to time for the benefit of ration card holders. Now a big change is being made by the UP government in the public ration distribution system. Under the preparation of the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh, from the beginning of the year 2023, under the public ration distribution system in all the districts of the state, fortified rice will be available from the ration shops.

Scheme for the benefit of 15 crore people, know who is eligible for this


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This rice available at ration shops will be very nutritiousIt will contain  iron, folic acid and vitamin B-12 for nutrition. There are about 80 thousand ration shops in UP under the Public Distribution System. Through these shops, fortified rice will reach the kin of 3.59 crore ration card holders. This will help in saving about 15 crore families of ration card holders from malnutrition.




Let us tell you that this rice will be available at every shop from the new year.




Fortified rice is being given in UP for Mid Day Meal Scheme and Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) from September 2021. In the month of June itself, fortified rice was distributed from ration shops in 31 districts of the state. This rice is being provided to the state by the Food Corporation of India. The Food and Logistics Department plans to distribute fortified rice in all the districts of UP from the upcoming paddy procurement season.

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According to the distribution




officers, the procurement of paddy will start at MSP in the state from October. This time the paddy purchased at government procurement centers will be given to such rice mills which can prepare fortified rice. Instead of paddy, rice mills will start getting fortified rice by the end of December. Accordingly, from the beginning of next year i.e. from January, distribution of fortified rice will start in all the districts through ration shops.



Government will have 47 lakh tonnes of rice!




Let us tell you that the rice mill returns about 67 kg of rice out of one quintal of paddy. To prepare fortified rice, one kg of fortified rice kernel is mixed in one quintal of rice. On this basis, if 65 lakh tonnes of paddy is procured like last year, then about 47 lakh tonnes of rice will be with the government.

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Know About, Benefits of Fortified Rice




Crores of women in the country are suffering from anemia. Apart from this, the growth of the child is also not being done completely. As a rule, a kilo of fortified rice contains 28 to 42.5 mg of iron, 75 to 125 micrograms of folic acid and 0.75 to 1.25 micrograms of vitamin B-12. Fortified rice will prove to be helpful in removing anemia in women as well as malnutrition of children.




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