Ration Card Add Members: Add The Name Of The New Member In The Ration Card, Here’s The Process Is Very Easy

Ration Card Add Members: Add The Name Of The New Member In The Ration Card, Here S The Process Is Very Easy



New Delhi. It is also important to have the name of the ration card, because it is considered an important document. The poor get the benefit of many schemes including free ration from this, now even registration cannot be done in the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM Kisan Yojna) being run for the welfare of farmers without the ration card number. Therefore, you should always keep your ration card updated and the names of all the members of the household should be registered in it.



In case of a new born child or a member getting married in the house, after the arrival of his wife, his name should also be registered in the ration card. Enrolling name in ration card is not a difficult task. Now many states have started providing this service online as well. Today we will tell you the process of registering the name of the new member in the ration card both online and offline.

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Documents required to register name in ration card



If a child’s name is to be added to the ration card, then the ration card of the head of the household, birth certificate of the child and Aadhar card of the child’s parents will be required. These documents have to be attached with the form to be filled for name enrolment. Similarly, if the name of the new daughter-in-law in the house is to be registered in the ration card, then the proof of marriage, the husband’s ration card, the certificate of deletion of the name from the daughter-in-law’s maternal ration card and the maternal Aadhar card, in which the husband’s name entered, has to be attached with the form.

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Ration Card


Offline process



To add the name of the new member in the ration card, you will have to go to the office of the Food Supply Department and take a form. In some states including Haryana, the form is also available with the Kotedar or the depot holder. Fill all the information asked in the form to be used for registering the new name correctly. Attach the necessary documents with it and submit it to the food supply center. Don’t forget to get the receipt for it. The officials will check your form and after document verification you will get the new updated ration card.



Online process to add new member’s name in ration



In many states, now the name of a new member can be added to the ration card online as well. Here we are giving you information about adding new member name online in Uttar Pradesh.

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  1. First of all go to https://fcs.up.gov.in/FoodPortal.aspx.
  2. Here first you have to create a login ID. If you have already created an ID then you have to login.
  3. Here on the home page, you will see the Add new member name option.
  4. Click on it. A new form will open.
  5. Here fill all the information requested about the new member.
  6. A copy of the required documents will also have to be uploaded along with the form.
  7. After doing all this click on submit.
  8. After submission, you will get a registration number each, through which you can track your form in this portal.
  9. Officials will check the form and document. If all goes well then your form will be accepted and the ration card will be delivered to your home through post.
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