NC, PDP owe answer for their double speaks: Shah

Time to get United against divisive politics

Anantnag, July 24 :: Blaming NC and PDP for the present chaotic situation in J&K, Senior Socio Political leader Imran Amin Shah has said that both these parties have exploited the people of Jammu & Kashmir for their personal benefits and the greed for power of both of these two is a main reason for political crisis and insecurity in J&K and these parties can go to any extend to accommodate and comfort of their families .



Shah said that when out of power the leadership of both these two parties show dreams with heavenly promises and when people make them they not only backtract to what they promises by even stabbed people by pushing people of state into catastrophic disaster and disempowerment.

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Questioning both the parties about their stand about autonomy and self rule Shah said that both these parties owe an answer to people of J&K that their hollow claims and promises have not only exposed both these parties for their falsehood but also made people realise their actual moto.

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He said that on one hand the leadership of both these parties hoodwinked people of JK by claiming of election boycot till restoration of 370 but now are trying to befool again by making joint call to gain power.



Shah said that PDP on one side is advocating for reconciliation but on the other identification of 1990 Rubiya Syeed case is being done after more than 30 years to get back into power again and now history has proved how these two parties collaborated by eroding state autonomy to enjoy power in the erstwhile state.

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Shah said that both these parties are two sides of coin and both are trying legalise dynastic rule which has inflicted misery on people of JK and are fully responsible for mass corruption, nepotism in the state


Shah appealed the people of JK to awake their consciousness to expose these parties and never allow anybody to play more with the sentiments of people of JK further.


He said that it is the time to strengthen and stand United to fight against those who again are hellbent to vitiate peace and tranquility in JK.


Appealing the LG administration to address the long pending public demand of Hardu Shichen by sanctioning of PHC Building as the people suffer badly due to lack of health facilities in this area. He also demanded for sanction of Road and construction of bridge on Nallah Bringi connecting Hardu Shichen with Gund Fatehpora and Kabamarg including road widening from dialgam main bazar to Hardu Schichen. He also urged for sanction of play field for in the area for which land is already available with suitable site to involve youth in sports activities.

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On this occasion many other leaders M Shafi, M Amin, Sarpanch Hardu sechen Misra Bano and Fayaz Ahmad Tarray are present.

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