Mohammad Ashraf Palpori visits Palpora-Shalteng bridge

Takes stock of undergoing construction; assures people that bridge will be thrown open for public soon



Umar Sofi

Srinagar, July 19: Apni Party Youth General Secretary, In-charge Eidgah Constituency and Corporator SMC Mohammad Ashraf Palpori alongwith associated government officials and political workers on Tuesday visited Palpora-Shalteng bridge that has been undergoing construction work on a fast-track basis.


In a statement issued here, Palpori said that people have faced immense hardships in absence of this vital link bridge that will resolve their long pending demand.

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“For several years the construction work of this bridge was kept in abeyance primarily because of the negligence of elected representatives but I have been fortunate enough to time and again raise the issue with the competent authorities in the interest of general public,” he said.

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Palpori hoped that within several weeks the construction work of the bridge will be finally completed that will act as panacea to the people who have long suffered.


During his visit, he asserted the concerned officials t ok speed up the construction work and ensure that bridge is thrown open for public use without any further delay.


The locals present on this occasion hailed the public centric efforts of Mr. Palpori and vowed to strengthen and support him in the upcoming Assembly Elections.

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