Marks doesn’t matter IAS officer shared his class 10 marksheet on Twitter

Marks doesn’t matter IAS officer shared his class 10 marksheet on Twitter



Srinagar, July, 24: An IAS officer recently shared his class 10 marksheet on Twitter, and netizens can’t stop praising him for driving home a point. The now-viral marksheet is of IAS Shahid Choudhary, who passed Jammu and Kashmir State Board in 1997 with first division.



“On students’ demand, here’s my Class-X Mark-sheet which has remained “classified” since 1997! 339/500,” wrote IAS Shahid Choudhary while sharing an image on Twitter. The marksheet shows marks scored by Shahid Choudhary in English, Mathematics, Hindi/Urdu, Science, and Social Studies.


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The tweet was shared a day ago. It has since amassed over 4,200 likes and has received more than 200 retweets. The share has also received a wave of responses from people who were both impressed and inspired.

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“It has been proved that marks do not matter. Only hard work and dedication matter,” an individual commented. “No need for your score card, sir. Your work speaks in public! You are always in peoples’ hearts as a tremendous public servant!” shared another. “Maths is one subject that can take you to heights or be the reason for one’s sudden vertical fall,” commented a third. “It was an average percentage! But you prove it, sir, that a marksheet cannot decide your future,” wrote a fourth.






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