Imran Amin Shah greets people on Eid ul Azha

Imran Amin Shah greets people on Eid ul Azha


imran Shah


Anantnag, 9, July:::: While conveying his Eid greetings on the auspicious occasion of Eid ul Azha to Muslim Ummah, Senior Socio Political Leader, Imran Amin Shah has said that the philosophy of this day offers us a window of opportunity to evoke deep concern for needy and alleviate the plight of poor and destitute.


He said that this day stresses on the need for equality of mankind, god consciousness, generosity and peaceful coexistence of the entire human kind.


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Shah hoped that this Eid will strengthen the socio bonds , communal harmony and bring peace and prosperity in the entire Jammu & Kashmir. He also appealed the people to celebrate the occasion with austerity and simplicity.

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