Govt Not To Allow Muharram Procession From GuruBazaar to Dalgate Tomorrow

Govt Not To Allow Muharram Procession From GuruBazaar to Dalgate Tomorrow




Srinagar, August 6(GNS): Authorities have decided not to allow Muharram procession on 8th Muharram through city centre here tomorrow.




In a handout to GNS, the police said that the Muharram procession from Guru Bazar to Dal Gate in Srinagar has not been allowed by the authorities.

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“General public is requested to respect rule of law and don’t appreciate/endorse any rumour regarding procession or rally,” reads the statement.




Two major processions of 8th and 10th Muharram were banned in 1989 by the then administration. Since then no processions have been allowed till now.

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In an order, District Magistrate Srinagar said that decision not to allow the Muharram procession has been taken in a larger public interest and taking into account, among others, intelligence reports.




“Law & order and Security concern of the Union Territory is the top most priority of the Govt. of the Jammu and Kashmir keeping into view the larger public interest and safety of its citizens,” the District Magistrate said, adding, “In view of the facts and circumstances read in conjunction with the reports of Intelligence Agencies thereof, more particularly the security concerns of the District Srinagar with respect to the Muharram, the processions therein cannot be allowed on the Gurubazar toward Buchwara and Abi-Guzar towards Zadibal routes respectively.” (GNS)

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