Good News: Bank Now Offers Farmers Loans Via A Missed Call- Know Details –

Good News: Bank Now Offers Farmers Loans Via A Missed Call- Know Details –


Agriculture Loan | Punjab National Bank (PNB), one of the leading public sector banks, has given sweet talk. A key announcement was made. It is getting ready to provide loans to farmers more easily. It has been revealed that you can get a loan from the bank just by making a missed call. The bank informed about this through Twitter platform. It can be said that this will give relief to the farmers.


A farmer may use agricultural loans to finance seasonal farming operations or allied ventures like raising livestock, cultivating fish, or buying land or farm equipment. This kind of financing also aids in hiring labour for crop cultivation and harvesting as well as purchasing supplies like fertilizer, seeds, insecticides, and other things.

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Agricultural loans are available to farmers starting at 7% p.a., with processing fees ranging from 0% to 4% of the loan amount. There are various types of agricultural loans taken by farmers.

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Crop loans, also referred to as retail Agri loans, enable a farmer to cover short-term costs associated with the cultivation of crops, upkeep of farm machinery, and other post-farm activities. While applying for this loan, the farmer receives a credit card called a Kisan Credit Card. This can be used to withdraw money and utilise it to make the purchases they need for their farming operations.


Good News: Bank Now Offers Farmers Loans Via A Missed Call- Know Details - Modi Rupees
Good News: Bank Now Offers Farmers Loans Via A Missed Call- Know Details –


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A farmer might take advantage of these long-term financing programmes to cover their non-seasonal needs. This loan can be used to purchase or upgrade machinery like windmills and solar panels, among other things. Such lending programs allow for repayment terms of up to four years.


Farmers can apply for a loan from a bank in various ways. There is the option of applying for a loan by sending an SMS or giving a missed call, net banking, PNB One etc. You can type loan and send an SMS to the number 2 named 56070.


Or you can give Missa call on 18001805555. You can also call the call center number 18001802222. If these options are not available then you can also apply through net banking website Otherwise, the bank offers an app called PNB One. You can apply for a loan by logging into this app. Note that these benefits are applicable to eligible bank customers only.

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