Gold Price: Big news! Gold became cheaper by Rs 7,040 from the record rate, know the latest rates

Gold Price: Big news! Gold became cheaper by Rs 7,040 from the record rate, know the latest rates



Gold Silver Price Today: The effect of the ongoing volatility in the prices of gold and silver in the global market is also visible on the Indian futures market. Let’s know the latest rates.

Gold Price Today 5August 2022: There is a reshuffle in the gold-silver prices on the last trading day of the week. The price of gold is slowly moving towards its record high. The effect of global disputes is visible on the global market at this time. However, in the initial trading session, at around 9:42 am today, MCX gold for delivery in October was seen trading with a fall. But the price of gold again jumped on MCX. Till the time of writing the news, gold is trading at Rs 52,120 on MCX.

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Gold Rate Today on MCX


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On Multicommodity Exchange (MCX) this morning, the futures of 24 carat purity gold is trading at a level of Rs 52,143.00 with a fall of Rs 22.00 in the futures trade 2022, while the futures trade of silver September 2022 is up by Rs 93.00 to 58,075.00. Trading is taking place at the level of Rs.




Rs 4,080 cheaper than record high

Gold is getting cheaper by Rs 4,080 from its record high. If today compare the price of 24 carat gold with the futures price of MCX with its all time high price, then gold is selling much cheaper than its record high value.

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What do experts say?




On the reshuffle in the prices of gold and silver, experts believe that the way the price of gold and silver is showing fluctuations due to the tensions in the global market. Experts say that there may be a big change in the price of gold in the coming time.




Gold shines in bullion market




On the other hand, gold of 22 carat purity is trading at Rs 47800 per 10 grams with a rise of Rs 150 in Delhi’s bullion market, while gold of 24 carat purity is trading up by Rs 160 at Rs 52140 per 10 grams. That is, the bullion market is showing a rise in the price of gold.

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