Big News Ration Card: Government made a big announcement, these people will not get free ration, know updates

Big News Ration Card: Government made a big announcement, these people will not get free ration, know updates



Ration Card Latest News: The government’s strictness regarding the ration card is increasing. Now in this sequence, the government has started the cancellation program of the ration card. Under this, the name of the needy person is being included in the list of ration cards in his place by cutting out the name of the beneficiary found ineligible in the investigation. Let’s know its complete information.



Both the state government and the central government are becoming strict regarding the ration card. Earlier there was a lot of news about surrendering the ration card, in which it was being said that the government would recover from the ineligible.


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However, later the government issued its statement on this, saying that the government has not considered recovery. Now once again the government is seen in action. Now the government is again showing strictness about the ineligible, and is cutting their names.

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Now the UP government has started the cancellation program of ration cards in the state. According to the order issued by the UP government, the government will replace the names of the ineligible and add the names of the letters, so that such people who are eligible and are not able to take benefits, will benefit.



In fact, the government’s goal of making ration cards according to the 2011 census has been achieved. Now new ration cards cannot be made. In such a situation, to give the benefit of free ration to the needy only, the government is adding the names of letters there by cutting off the names of the ineligible. It has started from different districts of UP.

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Let us tell you that the old government cannot add new names, so the old cards are being scrutinized to give place to the application for the new ration card, and the ration cards of those found ineligible are being canceled. .




After this, the benefit of the ration scheme is being given to the newly needy characters only on the establishment of the cards of the ineligible people who have been canceled. That is, even now names are being added to the national food security on the basis of the population ratio of the year 2011, just for this the government is making space. Although the population of many cities has doubled in 2022 as compared to 2011. Is.

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Census not held in 2021




Significantly, in the year 2021, the census could not be conducted due to the increase in the cases of corona.



Therefore, it has become necessary to increase the population ratio for national food security, so that the urban poor can get the benefit of the scheme.

In such a situation, the government has come up with a new way. Under this, the applications for new ration card coming to the district supply office and tehsil level fulfillment office of the state are submitted. After that, on the basis of investigation, after canceling the ration cards of the ineligible, they make ration cards of the eligible in their place.

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