Asia Cup 2022: Shoaib Akhtar’s Big Statement on Asif Ali Over His Fight With Fareed Ahmed

Asia Cup 2022: Shoaib Akhtar’s Big Statement on Asif Ali Over His Fight With Fareed Ahmed




just about managed to win against Afghanistan in their second Super4 game to seal a place in the final of Asia Cup 2022 and in what turned out to be a rather hot-headed game after the Asif Ali-Fareed Ahmad altercation, the fans of the two teams also took on each other after the match. Naseem Shah the Hero for Pakistan who smacked two sixes in the final over to hand Pakistan the narrowest of victories – by 1 run- too was visibly upset with what had happened with Ali earlier, and also celebrated the win with much anger towards the Afghan players.

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Former Pakistan international Shoaib Akhtar in his youtube channel did not mince any words discussing the Asif Ali – Fareed Ahmad incident and termed that very incident as one of the reasons for Afghanistan’s loss. Akhtar said, “We as a nation always love and support Afghanistan during their tough times, what was that behaviour after dismissing Asif Ali, who pushed him around and even abuse him?




“You play cricket, show your passion but such arrogance should not be shown isilye allah ne aapko Saza di, isilye ne aalah ne ek pathan ko duusre pathan se chakka marwake zaleel kiya, aur rote hui gayi Afghanistan team (and this is the reason why the almighty punished you, and this is the reason why the almighty made a Pathan (Naseem Shah) hit a six against you, and you were humiliated and Afghanistan team went out crying),” said Akhtar.

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But the former pacer did concede that Afghanistan played out of their skins to run Pakistan close




“Afghanistan are playing good cricket, you are a good team, but you should make it personal. We don’t do this to even India, India wale Pappiya jhapiya kar rahe hai hamare saath, aap hai ki hamare bhai hai, sah mulk hain, hum apse laad bhi karte hai, khyal bhi rakhte hai, and aap kya batameezi bhi karte ho. (We do not make it personal with even the Indian team. We are so well-behaved with them and here you are, we consider you our brothers, you are our neighbouring nation, we love and take care of and here you are showing your brazenness) this is not acceptable yaar.

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Akhtar Also praised Shah for his nerves in the game.




Hats off to you Naseem Shah, you are a great asset for this country, he said added, “I told you months ago that in Pindi that you will be a superstar and thankfully you are a superstar. It was good to see your innings and I was happy, you will become a brand of Pakistan, just keep yourself fit.”

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