7th Pay Commission: Good News! Another allowance increase after DA, know how much salary will increase

7th Pay Commission: Good News! Another allowance increase after DA, know how much salary will increase



7th Pay Commission Update: The central government can once again please the employees. Along with increasing the DA of the government employees, the government may soon announce to increase the House Rent Allowance (HRA). Let us know how much salary will be after this increase.




7th Pay Commission: Central employees can once again get good news. Along with the increase in DA, the government is now considering to increase one more allowance. If this happens, then there will be a big increase in the salary of the employees. According to the information, along with the DA hike, HRA hike can also be announced. Actually, along with the increase in DA, revision in HRA is also expected.

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DA can be 40%




Central government employees and pensioners are now waiting for the DA hike for July. After the data of AICPI, it seems that the government may announce an increase of 5 to 6% in Dearness Allowance. That is, employees can get increased salary in August. Along with this, an increase in HRA can also be announced soon.




HRA expected to increase

Along with DA, the expectation of increase in HRA has also increased. Earlier, the HRA was increased in July last year. Then the DA was also increased to 28 percent. Now when DA is going to be 40 percent, then HRA can also be amended.

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How HRA is Determined




Now let us see how HRA is decided for government employees. Let us tell you that the cities whose population is more than 50 lakhs come under the ‘X’ category. At the same time, those whose population is more than 5 lakhs come in the ‘Y’ category. And cities with a population of less than 5 lakhs come under the ‘Z’ category. The minimum HRA for all three categories will be Rs 5400, 3600 and Rs 1800.




How much can HRA increase

Accordingly, the HRA of the employee is determined by the category of the city where they work. According to media reports, the HRA of government employees living or working in X category cities is likely to increase by 4 to 5 percent just like DA. At present, the employees of these cities get HRA of 27 per cent of the basic salary. At the same time, 2 percent increase in HRA is possible for Y category cities. At present, these employees get 18-20 per cent HRA. At the same time, 1 percent HRA can be increased for Z category cities. They are currently given HRA at the rate of 9-10 per cent.

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