7th Pay Commission DA update: DA Arrear’s date confirmed! More than 2 lakh arrears of central employees, know when will the money be received?, know details

7th Pay Commission DA update: DA Arrear’s date confirmed! More than 2 lakh arrears of central employees, know when will the money be received?, know details




7th pay commission latest news:


Dearness allowance of central employees is to increase in September. It is expected that the dues of his DA Arrear, which have been stuck for a long time, can also be found. Pensioners and employees have also announced to stage a sit-in in this regard.


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18 Months DA Arrear new update: There is a lot of agitation regarding the stuck arrears of dearness allowance of central employees. Employees have not received DA arrears of dearness allowance between January 2020 and June 2021. Arrears outstanding for 18 months. Since the announcement of DA, unions of central employees are continuously demanding the dearness allowance. Pensioners also appealed to PM Modi regarding their DR arrears. But, the solution did not come out. Now once again there is hope. Efforts are on to negotiate with the government regarding the one and a half year arrear (18 Months DA Arrear). The union believes that the government should make a negotiated settlement.

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If DA Arrear comes then you will get big money



The employees are still adamant on the demand and talks are on with the government. If the Central employees get the arrears of DA Arrear under the 7th Pay Commission (7th Pay Commission), then it will be a huge amount. According to Shiv Gopal Mishra of the National Council of JCM (Staff Side), the DA arrears of Level-1 employees range from Rs 11,880 to Rs 37,554. Whereas, for Level-13 (7th CPC basic pay scale Rs 1,23,100 to Rs 2,15,900) or Level-14 (pay scale), the DA arrears in the hands of an employee will be Rs 1,44,200. 2,18,200 will be paid.

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How much will be 18 months DA Arrear?



Central Employees (Kendriye Karmchari) whose minimum grade pay is Rs 1800 (Level-1 Basic Pay Scale range 18000 to 56900) is awaiting Rs 4320 [{4 percent of 18000} X 6]. At the same time, [{4 percent of 56900}X6] people are waiting for Rs 13,656. Under the 7th Pay Commission, the Central employees on the minimum grade pay (Pay grade for CG employees) will get DA arrears of Rs 3,240 [{3 percent of 18,000}x6] from July to December 2020. At the same time, those with [{3 percent of Rs 56,9003}x6] will get Rs 10,242. At the same time, if we calculate the DA arrears between January and July 2021, then it will be 4,320 [{4 percent of Rs 18,000}x6]. At the same time, [{4 percent of ₹56,900}x6] will be Rs.13,656.

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4320+3240+4320 will be added according to DA


Means if the minimum salary according to the pay matrix of central employees is Rs 18000, he will get Rs 11,880 as DA Arrear (Rs 4320+3240+4320).



11% will be a lump sum payment


In the year 2021, in the cabinet meeting held on July 14, the dearness allowance was increased by 11 percent simultaneously. It has been implemented from 1 July 2021. The dearness allowance of January 2020, June 2020, January 2021 was kept frozen due to Corona. When the ban was lifted last year, the government announced it. But, there was no talk on DA Arrear. Now if there is talk on 18 months arrears, then a lump sum arrear of 11 percent will be given to them.






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